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Gun Appraisal & Valuations


Specialist in Fine Modern and Sporting Guns’ we strive to achieve the most for your firearm without large commissions like other competitors. By studying prices achieved and current markets not just at home but internationally, we provide you with the best result for your firearm. With a no commitment approach after valuation we are able to transfer to another preferred dealer or Auction if not satisfied.

Why Use Bell Bros Gunmaker’s ?

Bell Bros Gunmaker’s will provide you with a no commitment appraisal and if required, we can transfer to any other Auction House or similar RFD. Once you are satisfied with our arrangement and we have sold your gun, we will inform the correct authorities on your behalf.

We are based in central London with a highly competitive commission rate. Open 5 days a week compared with most auction house, which typically have 3-4 quarterly sales a year. We try and achieve the best price on your gun, whilst providing the buyer with accurate information. Our staff will design a 360-degree cataloguing on our progressive and professional website. We benefit from being outside the Congestion Charge Zone and have plenty residential parking just outside our premise.

Sellers Fee’s explained

  • 20% up to and including £5,000
  • 15% in excess of the price above £5,000 and up to and including £50,000
  • 10% of the excess of the price above £50,001

VAT on premium to apply

Typical London Auction House fee’s Including VAT explained

  • Sellers 12.5-15% (TBN) buyers 30% on Hammer up to £5k = Total Comm 45%
  • Sellers 12.5-15% (TBN) buyers 26.5% on Hammer between £5.1k and £30 = Total Comm 41.5%
  • Sellers 12.5-15% (TBN) Buyers 24% on Hammer between £30.1k and £50k = Total Comm 39%
  • Sellers 12.5-15% (TBN) Buyers 18% on Hammer over £50.1k = Total Comm 33%

VAT on premium achieved on hammer

This quick and easy process allows an indication of value. We can offer home visits by appointment for fine sporting guns.

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