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Commission Sales

Free in House Valuation for Sales

Please contact us to arrange a valuation. Simply contact Bell Bros and we will do the rest. Free and friendly service, based in central London. We also provide insurance valuations for a fee of £25.00 if required as well.

We can provide you with a no commitment appraisal, we are happy to transfer to other Auction Houses or similar RFD’s if required. Once you are satisfied we can consign the items, we provide this by informing correct authorities as well.

We are based in central London with a highly competitive commission rate. Open 5 days a week instead of 3-4 quarterly sales a year like auctions. We try of offer the highest average price achieved to get the most on the gun. Our staff will endeavour to give a 360-degrees cataloguing prior to sale whilst offering best advice. We aim to achieve more for the seller; whilst providing the buyer with accurate information. We have plenty of residential parking just outside our premise.

Sellers Fee’s explained

1)20% up to and including £5,000
2)15% in excess of the price above £5,000 and up to and including £50,000
3)10% of the excess of the price above £50,001

VAT on premium to apply.

Typical London Auction House fee’s Including VAT explained

1) Sellers 12.5-15% (TBN) Buyers 30% on Hammer                   = Total transaction COMM 45%

up to £5000

2) Sellers 12.5-15% (TBN) Buyers 26.5% on Hammer                  = Total transaction COMM 41.5% up to £5000 and up to including £30,000

3) Sellers 12.5-15% (TBN) Buyers 24% on Hammer                   = Total transaction COMM 39%

up to £5000 and up to including £30,000

4) Sellers 12.5-15% (TBN) Buyers 18% on Hammer                  = Total transaction COMM 33%

up to £50,001 including the excess of above

VAT on premium achieved on hammer in explanation

Sellers Offer’s

In some cases the buyer would like to make an offer on the full asking price. However, we can either negotiate a minimum price if the seller is not available or contact the seller once a suitable offer is made.


All NEW guns purchased from Bell Bros come with a manufacture warranty in align with manufacture stipulation. Some second hand guns have a “sold as seen policy” or Warranty. Please ask a member of staff and check cataloguing. Warranties for guns do not include furniture or stock components including strikers. The buyer is required to arrange his or her own transport back to Bell Bros if a warranty is requested. If the gun isn’t in good condition we try to offer a 360 degree cost for repair work, or can sell as ‘sold as seen’.