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Collections & Deliveries

We deliver and collect guns from dealer to dealer around the UK.

Dealer to Dealer transfer

Shotgun & Rifle £50 + VAT


A) The selling dealer (Dealer A) must make the necessary entries on the buyer’s firearm or shotgun certificate and notify the ‘sale’ to the chief officer of police who issued that certificate. Once the transfer is made on paper, the certificate can be returned to the buyer by post.

B) The dealer must also make an entry in his dealer’s register showing that he has ‘sold’ the firearm to a customer, which must include; “The quantities and descriptions of firearms and ammunition sold or transferred with the names and addresses of the purchasers or transferees and (except in cases where the purchaser or transferee is a registered firearms dealer) the area in which the firearm certificates were issued and the dates of the several transactions.” [Firearms Act 1968, Schedule 4 (as amended)]. The entry must show his transfer to the buyers local dealer (Dealer B) as well as to the customer i.e. “sale to customer via Dealer B”.

C) The seller (Dealer A) may then send the firearm to the relevant dealer in the buyer’s locality (Dealer B) to effect the final ‘face-to-face’ transfer with the buyer required by Section 32(2)(c) of the 1997 Act. 3) The process for Dealer B receiving and transferring firearms to a buyer.

24 hour Gun Deliveries

We deliver section 1 & 2 guns to other RFD’s around the UK starting from £40 including postage.
Deliveries to Wales & Scotland may take longer and cost more.
Depending on weight and size, and value of gun costs vary.

Please feel free to contact us to provide you quote.